We offer a variety of services including the following...

Furniture Restoration, Repairs & Polishing

This is what we tackle mostly. All ages and types of furniture come in to the workshop. Badly marked pieces have often to be completely stripped and re-polished but often, the item only requires a polish or even just a good clean.

We have also painted certain items such as rocking horses, children's toys and dining room furniture.
Valuable pieces have to be treated with care, in order to preserve the patina of the years.

One of our most satisfying projects recently, was the the complete restoration of a carved Chinese lacquer cabinet.

We also offer a repair service and find that dining chairs are the most frequent of the items requiring this service.

Although we do not do upholstery repairs, we work closely with a local firm and are happy to refer any enquiries to them.

Our workshop is situated in a building once used as a commercial garage, which enables newly restored items to be loaded onto vehicles without fear of weather damage.


This is a method whereby thin strips of rattan are woven across the backs, seats and sides of furniture forming a geometric pattern. It is a very old craft, which was popular in tropical climates. It is seen on furniture known as Bergère.

Cleaning & Burnishing of Brass, Copper and other Metals

Brass and Copper look lovely when polished but many people find it to be a chore. It is possible to coat the newly polished metal with a clear lacquer which will prevent it from going dull thereafter.

We have re-polished items such as trays, candlesticks, fire hearth surrounds, copper warming pans, antique jugs and metal lamps.

For Sale - Restored Period Furniture

Although not the main part of the business, we do carry a selection of period pieces, such as small tables and chairs, hall stands etc.,which have been restored.

Desk Leather Fitted

The old and faded leather can be removed from desks and replaced with new skivers of calf skin in various colours. The work is completed with gold embossing round the edges. The leather can be cut to fit square, rectangular, oval or round inserts.

French Polishing